About Speaking Circles

Speaking Circles® was developed in 1989 by Lee Glickstein, Founder and President of Speaking Circles International and author of “Be heard Now!”. He added his knowledge of the healing power of groups to his fear of public speaking. Out of this alchemy a kind of magic was born, a deceivingly simple yet powerful approach - Relational Presence. Since then, this transforming concept was not only introduced in the USA but in different countries all over the world.

Speak with confidence

Do you have a passion, cause, or expertise you want to bring to larger groups? Do you want to be relaxed, authentic and in your power when you speak? Learn why presence is the answer.

Around the world,  Speaking Circles facilitators create the best way for you to experience and learn Relational Presence and develop your personal speaking style. Wherever you are in your journey to be a masterful speaker, Speaking Circles can help you to discover and further develop the foundation of powerful authentic speaking and the ability to:

  • have a heart connection with any audience
  • be at ease in front of any group
  • open a talk in a compelling way

Fear of Public Speaking

Is the fear of public speaking getting in your way? Is it stopping you from getting a promotion, speaking at a wedding or speaking up at a meeting? You really can change how you feel about public speaking.

Motivated by his own stage fright, founder Lee Glickstein developed a natural approach to speaking to audiences. He developed Speaking Circles, which focuses on the essential first step missing in traditional public speaking programmes - the connection between speaker and listeners. This not only gives you an understanding of why it is difficult to feel at ease, but much more importantly gives you the skills and the practice to change this.

Speaking Circles facilitators create a really safe space for you to move through your fear of public speaking. We teach presence first so you learn how to feel more comfortable being the centre of attention and how to deal with the feelings of being overwhelmed. Relational Presence offers you a way of being with audiences that help you to be liberated from your fear so you can get on with taking your place in the world.

Brilliantly designed to bring down stress levels. Informal, safe, friendly, light, kind.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course that I was dreading beforehand!

Relational Presence Training

The practice of Relation Presence is a powerful foundation for authentic communication and presentation. It helps deepen your presence, be comfortable with silence and be relaxed when you would normally feel under pressure. Relational Presence helps you to move away from a "performance" mode of speaking to creating real connection with your audience.

Through simple practice with a certified facilitator people learn how to engage Relational Presence instantly, anytime and anywhere. Learning Relational Presence cuts through the fear of speaking and the time it takes to develop a masterful presence.

We know that Speaking Circles helps you to deepen your experience and strengthen your Relational Presence 'muscle'.

The course was absolutely brilliant. I wasn't expecting it to change other areas of my life, but it has. The power of just being is profound. I've had a real shift in thought processes which is very empowering.