Lee Glickstein

Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles®

Lee Glickstein founded Speaking Circles International in 1989. A global authority on impact and authenticity in public speaking, he has innovated and trained a facilitation method for Relational Presence that has uplifted thousands of lives. His clients and students range from top professional communicators and change agents to "non-speakers" with severe stage fright.

Speaking Circle Facilitators are certified and licensed annually by Speaking Circles International through training and continuing education. To experience the power of Relational Presence for yourself, look for a licensed Facilitator of Speaking Circles on this website.

Lee is author of Be Heard Now! Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease (Broadway Books), Be Heard Now! How to Speak Naturally and Powerfully in Front of Any Audience (Sounds True Audiotapes), the Ebook Speakers' Guide to Authentic Connection: The Alchemy of Influence through Relational Presence, the audio Relational Voice: Pleasure Path of Attunement, and the audio album Your Million Dollar Voice: How to Achieve Phone Presence Mastery When Your Business is on the Line.