Become a facilitator

Do you wish to facilitate Speaking Circles® yourself?

Our facilitators are always modeling what they have learned and what is possible to achieve through Speaking Circle participation. So as a facilitator, it's important to know what it means to be a participant from the inside out. It is your responsibility to demonstrate at all times the Speaking Circle principles of relational presence, ease and flow at all times, as well as the key facilitator skills:

• being with
• listening
• receiving
• supporting

In the Facilitator Certification Training (a 3-month coaching and training program starting with a 4-day intensive) you will have the opportunity to practice these Speaking Circle principles as you anchor, apply and advance them during your own participation.

This intensive program works on the level of personal transformation while teaching you the skills and tools you will need to become a masterful facilitator. We keep the group size small to allow for extensive personal attention for all trainees.

Lee Glickstein and Doreen Hamilton take care of this training in the USA, California.
Jennet Burghard and Koos Wolcken are the train-the-trainers for Europe.

Please read more on becoming a facilitator here

New dates for the European Facilitator Training 2019. More information here